Welcome to Wealth Management Retirement Planning

We specialize in working with people, like you, regarding Wealth Management Retirement Planning.  Onesta Wealth Management is a registered investment adviser located in California.  We can service clients across the United States.

Advocate. Educate. Disrupt – this is who we are.

After several years in this industry it has become clear this is our mission.  Advocate for people.  Educate clients about the various options they have.  Disrupt the norm by showing people how to determine what is in their best interest, even if that means working with a different advisor.

Planning Services

Onesta provides financial planning services.  Our licensing can be extended to all states.  We are licensed in some states.  We mostly serve the greater San Francisco Bay Area.  We are located in Campbell, California, which is the heart of Silicon Valley.

We are a fee only Registered Investment Advisor.  We look forward to connecting with you soon.

As a fee only firm we are able to provide comprehensive financial plans, asset management and of course customer service you will love.

These three Brief Videos share our view of working with clients, please enjoy!