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Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Accounts

As you may know, people who receive SSI (Supplemental Security Income) have income and saving restrictions.  An ABLE account provides a legal workaround for the saving restrictions. 

I came to know of these accounts when my son and I met with a representative from the state of California. When we met the California had not implemented the ABLE account, called Cal-ABLE.

The journey started that day.  We are now researching and writing about these accounts.  They seem to be a great way, without using a complex trust, to save money.  All growth in an ABLE account is income tax free!

This page will continue to evolve as we journey down the path of opening an ABLE account. We can keep you updated if you would like.  My least favorite task is deleting SPAM, therefore I never create/send SPAM.

Simply fill out this contact form and the site will keep you updated as changes occur here.


For those in California.  This is an article about benefits/restrictions for California’s residents.