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AssetLock Advisor How It works

AssetLock advisor – Onesta Wealth Management.
There is of course standard disclosure – see the last few seconds of the video.assetlock advisor
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Some people look for conspiracies.  Some people wonder if AssetLock is a scam.  Well, as an advisor who uses this for my clients – I believe in the AssetLock program.  It does what it says – help clients keep what they have earned.  The simplest form of this tool is to track highest account values and set a predetermined loss.  If the account loses that predetermined amount from the account high, a human being confirms the account should be sold.  If that is the case, the account is sold.

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AssetLock Advisor Note:

AssetLock is not a stop loss program.  It is a software program that monitors accounts on a daily basis.  Then notifies the AssetLock advisor of different states.